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It’s been a busy time recently with our Christmas stock coming in, welcoming new suppliers such as Sedgwicks Charcuterie, and seeing the launch of our own label wines and ports. However, we’ve been really busy behind the scenes too as we’ve set up our very own online Delishop. Simply click on this link or use the shop tab in the menu bar.

There’s loads of products here – many more than we can physically stock in the deli – all chosen by us for you to order. Simply order the items you want – they’ll be delivered to us – and you can collect them from the deli. At the moment there are lots of items from our suppliers on there and we’ll be adding some of our own items over the next few days.




Corkers Crisps in Ely – Saturday 14th March


This Saturday, we’re excited to be hosting another Supplier Day at Allgoods of Ely, and we’re delighted that Corkers Crisps will be joining us in the deli.

Quintessentially British, Corkers Crisps are made from delicious Naturalo potatoes grown locally in the rich fenland soil at the Taylor family farm in Pymoor.

Since they are grown, stored, prepared, cooked and packaged on the farm, a crisp with better provenance would be difficult to find. The result of this attention to detail is a light, the natural British crunch that is full of flavour.


Britain loves a crisp. In a school lunchbox, in the pub, sharing with friends, as a ‘nibble’ with drinks, elevenses at our desks – crisps are practically a British institution. But not all crisps are created equal. The vast majority of crisp brands in this country buy potatoes from farms across the UK, fry them up and call them their own. Corkers do it differently.

You see Rod and Ross have created their very own Naturalo potato that is only grown on the Taylor family farm in the rich peaty Cambridgeshire fens. It is the perfect frying potato and helps give Corkers their unique crunch. The potato is white skinned which makes the crisp less greasy. Once harvested, they are stored at the optimum temperature in order to prevent the starch turning to sugar. This means that when fried, Corkers Crisps maintain an authentic potato taste rather than undertones of burnt sugar, which can often be detected in other brands of crisps. Corkers slice the potatoes thinner than other premium crisps before they are fried to ensure that they are less abrasive on the pallet.

Since they are grown, stored, prepared, cooked and packaged on the farm, a crisp with better provenance would be difficult to find. The result of this attention to detail is a light, the natural British crunch that is full of flavour. There are no MSGs and the flavours are created using natural British ingredients. So visitors to Corkers HQ can dig up their own spud, fry it up, flavour it and enjoy the most authentic British crisp ever made in under an hour!

As well as holding a Grocer Award, a British Farming Award and several Great Taste Awards, Corkers also hold two world records having launched the first pack of crisps into space and owning the biggest bag of crisps in the world weighing in at 1.14 tonnes.


Our Featured Cheese – Godminster Organic Vintage Cheddar


A dairy has stood on the Godminster site at Bruton, Somerset for over 100 years, and Richard Hollingbery’s dairy farm and creamery have been certified organic since 1999.

The Godminster Organic Vintage Cheddar is a modern British cheese is made with pasteurised cows milk and vegetarian rennet to create a superbly rich and creamy Organic cheddar.  It is coated in a distinctive burgundy wax preserving the creamy texture within. Godminster starts with an initially mellow flavour which leads to a delicious, lingering after bite. Godminster recommend that as the Cheddar is organic, it is refrigerated at 5deg.C at all times and brought out of the fridge one hour before serving to warm through to room temperature and bring out the flavour.

What a difference a year makes..

frontofshopOn 7th February 2014, exactly one year ago today, I nervously walked into my solicitor’s office and signed the lease on a great little shop on the Market Square in Ely bringing Allgoods of Ely into a reality. After months of research and preparation, I handed in my notice, began putting all the plans into place and we opened the doors to the delicatessen on Sunday 23rd March. And it seems so strange, standing here now surrounded by shelving and fridges full of stock, that at the beginning of 2014, this place only existed only in my mind.





judgeWhat a year we’ve had and the steepest of learning curves too. Never having run a company or a shop before, we had to get to grips with the accounts, environmental health, marketing, licensing and a whole host of other things quickly. But during that time, we’ve found some great suppliers and stocked some gorgeous products, as well as meeting so many lovely customers and making new friends along the way. We’ve also been entered in the Farm Shop and Deli Awards and I’ve judged at the Great Taste Awards. We have been overwhelmed by the support we’ve received and we’re very grateful!






The start of 2015 brings fresh challenges and opportunities for us. The first challenge is creating our website and I hope you like it so far. We’ll be adding much more content to it over the weeks and months and I’ll be writing regular blog posts too. We’re also planning to recruit in the next few months too and finding the right staff to join our deli family will be important.

We’ll be inviting many of our producers into the deli over the course of 2015 for supplier days where you’ll be able to meet them, sample their wares, discuss recipes idea and find out about new products. We’re also planning regular cheese and wine tasting evenings and promotions within the deli (there’s our official first birthday in March to start off with!).

We have lots of other plans too including seating inside at some point. Lee’s plan includes “Phase 37 – global domination” although I suspect that may be a way off yet!

Tracy x